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Yi Zong students, friends and for all those who share the same passion and interest in the Internal Arts, Welcome!

This section will have extensive information about Yi Zong Bagua Men, its history, development and current teachings. You will also be able to find significant information on Xingyiquan and Gao style Baguazhang as taught today by Luo Dexiu, information on his students and their classes around the world, and resources for the training and practice of Gao style Baguazhang and Hebei Xingyiquan. Please see the sections listed above and the links below.


Translation of Luo Dexiu's website into English -

Luo Dexiu has had a website for some time. I have translated the main portions of it below for my YiZong brothers and sisters who might not be able to read it on their own. I realize there may be errors in the translations, if you happen to have better Chinese/English ability than me, please don't hesitate to comment on it to me directly so that I may fix any problems. Click here to email me.

Each section of his website has been translated individually below, enjoy!

Luo Dexiu's website: http://www.geocities.com/luobagua/index.html

Translations in English of Luo Laoshi's website by section:

The Origin of Baguazhang

Gao Style Baguazhang

How to Practice Baguazhang

The Sixty-four Post Heaven Entwining and Changing Palms

Pre Heaven Baguazhang


Links to articles by YiZong practitioners on the web -

(Please note that these links are from separate web sites and will open in a new window)

Internal Martial Arts of Taiwan: An Interview with Marcus Brinkman

Fire and Water (Drawing Silk) - by Marcus Brinkman

The Essence of Martial Art: An Overview - by Tim Cartmell

A Special Learning State - by Ed Hines

Fear in Martial Arts - by Ed Hines

Flow in Martial Arts - by Ed Hines

Esthetics, Martial Arts and Bagua - by Ed Hines

Lineage: Masters, Disciples, Uncles and Brothers - by Nick Cumber

Luo Dexiu 2002 - by Nick Cumber

Relaxation and Extension - by Ed Hines

Beliefs and Practice - by Ed Hines

Houtian: Entwining Hand Techniques - by Nick Cumber

Tian Gan: Heavenly Stems - by Nick Cumber


More Yi Zong Resources -

General Resources

Translations of basic terms from Chinese


Pa Kua Chang Journal Articles featuring Luo Dexiu and Gao style Baguazhang

The Pa Kua Chang Journal was and still is the premier resource for information about the martial art of Baguazhang. Its entire 7 year run was edited, written and produced by Dan Miller. It featured information on the history, theory, practice, and personalities of Baguazhang.

To view a pdf file of the Pa Kua Chang Journal issue featuring a look at the history and people behind YiZong and Gao style in Taiwan - click here. Permission to provide this article was provided by Dan Miller.

To purchase the complete series of the Pa Kua Chang Journal on CD (the entire collection of back issues), please click here: http://www.plumflower.com/frames.htm


Information on Entering the Gao Branch of the Cheng Tinghua Bagua System

(These are two articles touching on the moral and ethical component of Gao style Baguazhang)

Ten Rules for Practicing Baguazhang

Three Types of People Not to be Taught


Sun Xikun's Bagua Information and Resources -

Base information on Sun Xikun's Bagua and Laoshi's studies with him

Sun Xikun's Single Palm Change




YiZong Private Section

To enter the password encrypted private section of this website for YiZong QianKun students only, please click on the above link and enter the current access information.