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Community Section


This website was designed in general with the goal of promoting our lineage of martial arts and to help foster a sense of community among my YiZong brothers and sisters. This section, as well as the rest of the site, will help towards that goal.

Community Library
  For those who are sitting on their butts and not out practicing, feel free to browse through the library.
Yi Zong Discussion Board
  Discussion board for discussion on Yi Zong martial arts, general martial arts, listings of seminars and annoucements, and also general chatting for our extended Yi Zong family.
Links Page
  Links to other Yi Zong sites, teachers and study groups, as well as general links to other sites of interest.


Please know that while I make every effort to provide information on these arts that we all love, I can not do it alone. I appreciate any help that my YiZong family can provide - whether you can provide me with pictures of your class for the site, articles on aspects of martial arts, video clips that are relevant to our study, or whether it's just participating on our YiZong Discussion Board, I would greatly appreciate it and I believe it can help all of us to not only come closer together, but to also hopefully begin to raise our levels of understanding and martial ability.