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How to Practice Baguazhang

How to Practice Baguazhang ( 如何練習八卦掌 )

八卦掌主要運動表達在於走轉擰翻, 內外相應, 剛柔相濟, 全身皆有圈; 層層不窮的螺絲勁.

The main expression of movement in Baguazhang is that of walking, turning, twisting and overturning, the internal and external mutually support each other, hard and soft complement each other, the whole body has circles, and at every level there is endless spiraling energy.

運掌操練時, 要求形神兼備, 氣沉丹田, 樁如山岳, 精神內斂, 身如龍蛇. 以腰為主宰, 擰翻走轉, 屈腿螳泥, 擺扣舒展, 瀟洒穩健, 日久功深兩手高低伸縮 , 前後左右, 皆能靈活自如. 兩腿不論進退, 左右旋轉, 虛實變化 無不隨心所欲.

When practicing the moving palms, you should have both form and spirit; the qi should sink to the dantian; standing should be as stable as a mountain; you should retain your energy inside; the body is like a dragon or snake; the body is ruled by the waist; adhere to the walking, turning, twisting and overturning; bend the legs in mud stepping; the hook and swing steps should unfold smoothly; be distinct and steady; after practicing for a long time your skill will become deep and both hands will be able to reach high and low, expand and contract, go forward and backwards, move to the left and right and you will have the ability to do as you wish. No matter whether your two legs are advancing or retreating, going left or right, spinning or turning, are solid or empty, the changes are created at your will.


先練腿 次練身 後練掌

First practice the legs, then train the body, and finally practice the palms.

先求實後求虛, 先求重後求輕

First study solid and then study empty. First study heavy, then study light.

尋序漸進, 不急功, 不燥進.

Proceed in an orderly way and advance step by step, don't be eager for quick success and don't be too eager to advance.


不同宗流的八卦門派都有其年歲經驗心血. 總歸有四大項:

Different branches of Baguazhang all have their own years of experience and efforts. In summary, there are four basic methods:

  • 基本功 養生固元 強壯筋骨 並含有內家拳重要手法的訓練等

  • 本體 先天轉掌 後天六十四掌 兵械等

  • 精練 單操功法 增加內勁或轉化內勁 或專注發勁 或某種技法等

  • 心法 由師者餵招 或實戰經驗傳承 道功的傳授

Basic Training: Nourish your life and strengthen your vitality. You should strengthen your tendons and bones, and also included are the training of the important hand methods of internal martial arts.

Main contents of training: Pre-heaven turning palms, post-heaven sixty-four palms, weapons, etc.

Refinement: Single practice of skills. Increasing your internal power, transforming your internal power, concentrating on fajing or on some techniques, etc.

Heart method: Your teacher will provide you with the forms or give you real fighting experience. This is how the way has been passed on.



Those who have passed the arts down have all looked at the needs of the group or the qualities of the students in deciding how to pass the art on to each student.