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Sun Xikun's Baguazhang


While serving his mandatory tour of duty in the Navy as a young man, Luo Dexiu had the good fortune to meet up with and study with Liu Qian. Liu Qian was an early student of Sun Xikun. Luo always talks of this time as being a very important part of his martial arts learning.

He learned much from Liu Qian in the way of theory and principles of Baguazhang, so much so that it would profoundly change the direction of his martial arts training and lead him to further research and study into Baguazhang.

Liu Qian was an early student of Sun Xikun, who apparently kept in touch with him throughout Sun's life. Sun died in KaoHsiung, Taiwan if I recall, so likely had contact again with Liu Qian at the end of his life. Liu Qian did have other students/disciples in his classes.

When Luo began training with Liu Qian, he apparently earned the ire of Liu's other students. Luo was not only able to beat Liu's students, but he proved to be Liu's hardest working student as well. Although Liu Qian appreciated Luo's thirst for knowledge and the willingness to work for it, it did not make Luo friends with Liu's other students.

Luo learned many things from Liu Qian - much work on Bagua theory and training, the mother palms and eight palms forms, the bagua neigong, fighting principles and applications, and much work on throwing. Luo trained with Liu Qian both in his public classes and directly with him privately.

Sun Xikun's bagua is most similar to our Gao style WuLongBaiWei (Black Dragon Swings Tail) palms in flavor. Sun Xikun's takes this a step beyond however in terms of Yi development.

Also, heard a little more on Liu Qian... He was part of the KMT military and came to Taiwan that way. He told Luo Laoshi that he had seen Cheng Haiting's classes and his practice, although Luo stated that he was really a student of Sun Xikun, not a classmate. He was also a member of Yi Guan Dao as well.

Our lineage through Sun Xikun is therefore as follows:

Dong Haichuan - Cheng Tinghua - Cheng Haiting - Sun Xikun - Liu Qian - Luo Dexiu