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Pre Heaven Baguazhang

先天八卦掌  Pre Heaven Ba Gua Zhang


轉掌歌  Song of the Turning Palms

八卦轉掌是跟源, 以圈為法走要圓

圈內為裡圈外圈, 圈為先天八卦盤

練內培本為宗旨, 日久年深功要全

調理陰陽合氣血, 益養身體妙如仙

The Eight Trigram turning palms follows the origin,

In taking the circle as the method, you must walk the circle,

Within the circle, there are inner circles and outer circles,

The circle is the basin of the pre-heaven Bagua,

The objective is to practice the internal and cultivate the base,

As the days grow old and the nights become deep, your skill must become complete,

Adjust the yin and yang with the qi and blood,

Benefit the cultivation of the body by becoming skillful and subtle like an immortal.


換掌歌  Song of the Changing Palms

換掌為母始無終, 八路翻身內堨

一路翻身生八式, 八路又生六四名

六十四式生變化, 陰陽動靜妙無窮

八路翻身遵八卦, 烏龍擺尾風輪生

The changing palms is the mother and beginning without end,

The eight overturning body lines are given birth to inside,

One overturning body line gives birth to eight forms,

Eight lines also give birth to the sixty-four names,

The sixty-four forms give birth to change,

Yin and yang, movement and stillness, sophistication without end,

The eight overturning body lines adhere to the Eight Trigrams,

Black Dragon Swings Tail gives birth to a whirlwind.


先天掌之二十四網要  The 24 Key Demands of Pre Heaven Baguazhang

練內培本   Practice the internal and cultivate a base.

1. 意要靜 The mind must be peaceful.

2. 氣要平 One's Qi should be smooth.

3. 頭要頂 The head should be erect.

4. 舌要抵 The tongue should touch the roof of the mouth.

5. 項要挺 The neck should be held straight.

6. 眼要隨 The eyes should follow.

7. 田要抱 Hold the dantian.

8. 肛要提 Lift the anus.

9. 肩要垂 The shoulders should hang down.

10. 肘要墬 The elbows should sink.

11. 胸要含 The chest should be collapsed.

12. 腰要擰 Twist the waist.

13. 胯要坐 Sit into your kua.

14. 膝要抱 Hold the knees.

15. 臂要伸 Stretch your arms.

16. 腿要屈 Bend the legs.

17. 腕要塌 The wrists should sink.

18. 指要撐 The fingers should firmly separate.

19. 指對肘 The fingers are aligned with the elbows.

20. 肘掩心 The elbows cover the heart.

21. 足要弸 The feet should be jabbing.

22. 趾要扣 The toes should hook.

23. 步要趨 The steps should be quick.

24. 行要穩 The walking should be stable.


養身歌訣  Song of Cultivating the Body

運動轉掌去百病, 身體虛弱學換掌

蛇形順勢解心火, 龍形穿手理三焦

回身打虎舒肝肺, 燕翻蓋手固腎腰

轉身反背增長力, 擰身探馬脾胃調

搖身背插強筋骨, 停身搬扣百病消

五癆七傷龍尾搖, 強壯身體練掌高

Moving through the turning palms will rid the body of the one hundred sicknesses (will benefit your general health),

If the body is weak then study the changing palms,

The snake form smooth body palm will alleviate heart fire in the body,

The dragon form piercing hand palm will regulate the three burners,

The returning body, strike the tiger palm will soothe the liver and lungs,

The swallow overturning covering hand palm will solidify the kidneys, waist and lower back,

The turn the body over the back palm will add to your long power,

The twist the body searching horse palm will adjust your spleen and stomach,

The overturn the body, through the back palm will strengthen the tendons and bones,

The stopping body, move and hook palm will abate the one hundred sicknesses,

For fatigue, sports related injuries and chronic injuries you must shake the dragon's tail (practice Black Dragon Swings Tail),

In order to strengthen the body you must refine the palms to a high level.


八大掌  Big Eight Palms

龍頭  The Head of the Dragon

單換掌 Single Palm Change

反換掌 Reverse Palm Change

1. 蛇形順勢掌 Snake form smooth force palm

2. 龍形穿手掌 Dragon form piercing hand palm

3. 回身打虎掌 Returning body, strike the tiger palm

4. 燕翻蓋手掌 Swallow overturning covering hand palm

5. 轉身反背掌 Turn the body over the back palm

6. 擰身探馬掌 Twist the body searching horse palm

7. 翻身背插掌 Overturn the body, through the back palm

8. 停身搬扣掌 Stop the body, move and hook palm

龍尾  The Tail of the Dragon

烏龍擺尾 Black Dragon Swings Tail


龍尾 烏龍擺尾 Song of Black Dragon Swings Tail

堥B外扣順式生, 娷\穿掌似龍形

外旋迴身圢虎掌, 偷步蓋掌燕翻名,

裡扣轉掌反背掌, 退步探馬把腰擰

裡擺搖身背插掌, 回身搬扣把身停

A hook step to the outside gives birth to the smooth body form,

Swing to piercing palm appears like the form of the dragon,

Spin to the outside, returning body, turn around tiger palm,

Steal a step covering palm is called swallow overturning,

Hook to the inside, turning palm, against the back palm,

Retreating step, search for the horse and twist the waist,

Swing to the inside, sway the body insert through the back palm,

Returning body, move, hook and stop the body.


烏龍擺尾 Song of Black Dragon Swings Tail (Number Two)

烏龍擺尾快如風, 攬手下插似龍形

行步穿林急又快, 進退出入有神通

內藏六十四變化. 先天八卦此為終

Black Dragon Swings Tail should be as fast as the wind,

The seizing hand poking through below appears like the form of a dragon,

The stepping and piercing into the forest is both rapid and fast,

Advancing, retreating, entering and exiting are all deeply known,

Within Black Dragon Swings Tail are hidden the sixty four changes,

Pre-heaven Bagua reaches its conclusion here.