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    Xingyiquan Animal Seminar Series

    I am being sponsored by the White Birch Kungfu school in Sterling, VA to teach the rest of the 12 animals series of forms that we began learning from my teacher, Luo Dexiu, last summer. There will be a series of 9 remaining animal forms taught over the next couple months. The first seminar will be on February 24, 2006 followed by 3 remaining seminars every two weeks after.

    The cost is $60 per session if you pay for each seminar individually, or $200 for the entire series of 4 seminars in advance. To reserve a space for the seminar, you will have to register and pay in advance. Space for participants will be limited.

    Each seminar will start at 7:30pm on Friday evening and will be scheduled for two hours. I’ll provide directions to the school in Sterling for those wishing to attend.

    The seminars will be as follows:

    Feb 24 – Tai Xing
    Also called the Tai Bird or Phoenix form in English. This is a critical form for developing core fighting skills in our line of Li Cunyi’s Xingyiquan. It employs direct and indirect cutting attacks, with a “twist.”

    Mar 10 – Hawk, Eagle/Bear and Water Lizard forms
    This seminar will feature a series of some of the shorter animal forms in Xingyi. Hawk (Yao Xing) is said to resemble the spirit of the Sparrow Hawk twisting, turning and diving in flight. The combined forms of Eagle and Bear feature the expansive frame of the bear with the direct grabbing nature of the Eagle. The Water Lizard (aka Alligator) outwardly resembles a crueler version of Taijiquan’s cloud hands in its appearance.

    Mar 24 – Ji Xing
    The Chicken Form of Xingyi is also a slightly longer form in our line of Xingyi. It’s a sneaky form full of quick attacks and powerful strikes. If time allows, we will also try to get to either some of the sections of the short tiger forms, or the dragon.

    Apr 7 – Yan Xing
    This is known as the Swallow form in English. This form emphasizes expansion, contraction, rising and falling with applications as equally far ranging. We will also finish learning the tiger and dragon forms if they have not yet been covered up to that point.

    Each seminar will consist of the teaching of the form, its general principles and applications. This is a great introduction to one of the core sections of Xingyiquan training and it is also a wonderful way to round out some areas of your Baguazhang practice as well.

    Again, you will need to register and pay in advance to reserve your spot for the seminar. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Hope to see you there!

    George Wood - george@yizongbagua.com


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The Pa Kua Chang Journal was and still is the premier resource for information about the martial art of Baguazhang. Its entire 7 year run was edited, written and produced by Dan Miller. It featured information on the history, theory, practice, and personalities of Baguazhang.

To download a pdf file of the Pa Kua Chang Journal issue featuring a look at the history and people behind YiZong and Gao style in Taiwan - click here. Permission to provide this article was provided by Dan Miller.

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Translation of Luo Dexiu's website into English -

Luo Dexiu has had a website for some time. I have translated the main portions of it below for my YiZong brothers and sisters who might not be able to read it on their own. I realize there may be errors in the translations, if you happen to have better Chinese/English ability than me, please don't hesitate to comment on it to me directly so that I may fix any problems. Click here to email me.

Each section of his website has been translated individually below, enjoy!

Luo Dexiu's website: http://www.geocities.com/luobagua/index.html

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