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School and Class Information for Zong Wu Men


Classes are currently held four days a week as follows:
8pm to 9:30pm
Internal Combat class
7pm to 8pm
Xingyiquan class
8pm to 9pm
Core Baguazhang class
9pm to 10pm
Advanced Baguazhang class (open only to invited students)
8pm to 9:30pm
Core Baguazhang class
1pm to 2:30pm
Xingyiquan class

2:30pm to 4pm

Core Baguazhang class


Classes -

The Xingyiquan and Baguazhang classes are two separate programs. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to cross-train in both arts, but there will be an additional fee for studying in the second program.

The Xingyiquan classes are a new offering for the students. Although there will initially be only three classes offered per week of training in Xingyiquan (the two Open Xingyiquan Classes and the Internal Combat Class), I'm hoping that we can grow the program over time.

The "Core Baguazhang Classes" offered above will be the standard classes in Baguazhang. As such, they will cover the full range of training that Baguazhang has to offer - from warm ups and joint/balance exercises, to basic training, to qigong/neigong, to forms work, to drilling of techniques, to a wide range of partner practices (cooperative and not) that eventually includes a range of sparring type practices.

Monday night's "Internal Combat Class" will be dedicated solely to fight training. Class will typically be composed of a rigorous warm-up and conditioning workout, followed by drilling in technique, and finally there will be some time left towards the end of class for different types of sparring practices. Although this class will be open to all levels of students, please know in advance that the conditioning and sparring practices will require a substantial amount of rigor. Furthermore, this will not be a class for teaching, but for furthering the fighting skills we have already been practicing in the other classes, so attendance in the Baguazhang and/or Xingyiquan classes first is mandatory. All students attending this class, should also personally own and bring with them the following gear: cup, shin/instep guards, mouthguard, mma gloves, boxing gloves, and headgear. If you have any questions about this class before attending, please feel free to ask either myself or one of the more senior students about it.

The "Advanced Baguazhang Class" is open only to specifically invited students who have passed an entrance test. If you have not been invited to test, or have not already tested into that class, then this class is not yet open to you.


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Tuition –

The tuition costs for classes are currently as follows:

$120 per month if paid per month, or you can pay for a three month period up front for $300.

If you would like to attend both Baguazhang and Xingyiquan classes, you can pay either monthly for $180 per month, or you can pay for a three month period up front for $450.

Dues are due before the first of any given month. You will be given a five day grace period. If you have not paid by the 5th of the month, there will be an additional $20 late payment penalty fee. Payment for tuition will be accepted either in cash or by check (made out to myself, George Wood). All payments are non-refundable.

For a new student to start classes, there is a sign-up fee of $50 which will be paid up front in addition to the first and last month's tuition.

Private (and/or small group) lessons can also be arranged for $70 per hour. Currently the best open day for that will be after class on Saturday afternoons. Please contact me directly if you want to schedule a private lesson or would like more information.


Location –

The location for classes will be at the White Birch Kungfu Taiji school in Sterling, VA near Dulles airport.

Basic address/directions are as follows:

46000 Old Ox Rd. #104

Sterling, Va. 20166


Directions -

-From Rt. 66 westbound, take the exit for Rt. 28 North

-Heading North on Rt. 28, take the exit for Rt. 606 (Old Ox Rd.) toward Herndon (this will put you going East)

-When you see a 7-11 on the right, there is a traffic light there and a gray brick shopping center on your left, turn left at the light

-Immediately turn left into the parking lot of the shopping center and the school is in Suite 104 next door to the Chinese Restaurant

There are likely better/quicker ways to get there from wherever you might be coming from – Googlemaps is your friend!

What do you need to do to start classes?

Please contact me first before starting classes. You can either call the studio directly at 703-834-2733 or write me at george@yizongbagua.com.

You can either watch or take part in the first class for free. Please note, however, that I do not allow new students on their first day to attend the Combat Baguazhang classes - all Core Baguazhang classes and Xingyiquan classes are open for one's first day of participation or viewing.