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Video Gallery

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Some Baguazhang applications by Leo Velasquez and Peter Nason of Dragon Gate Internal Arts in Plymouth, MA (USA)

BAI HE (Pete) takedown video clip

Circle takedown video clip

Head wrap video clip

Snake throw 1 video clip

Snake throw 2 video clip

Buddy Tripp of Dragon Gate Internal Arts in Plymouth, MA (USA)

Marriage of Heaven and Earth Neigong video clip

Wu style Taijiquan video clip


Picture Gallery

Single Palm Change Gallery

San Ti Shi / Houtian Zhuang Gallery

Zhang Zhunfeng Gallery

Hong Family Gallery

Boston Seminar Pics 2004

Maryland Retreat Pics 2004

San Francisco Seminar Pics 2004 (photos by Eric Nomburg)

Israel Seminar Pics 2004

Laoshi & Beth Wedding Gallery

Boulder Seminar Pics 2000 (taken by Pierre Rouzier)

More Pics from the Boston/Plymouth crew

YiZong baby - Little BAI HE!


Articles and Archives

Bagua Training with Master Luo Dexiu Article

"Q" -- What Is It and How Do I Get Some? - by Beth Snowberger

Legal and Mental Preparation for Self Defense - by Jamie Stalcup

Han Fengrui - Gao style Baguazhang in Tianjin

A Beginner's Journey - How to Learn Baguazhang - by Leo Velaszquez

Tian Di Nei Gong - by Buddy Tripp

Becoming Smooth - A Look at Luo Dexiu's 2004 Boston Seminars - by Peter Nason (a.k.a. BAI HE)


Links to articles by YiZong practitioners on the web -

(Please note that these links are from separate web sites and will open in a new window)

Internal Martial Arts of Taiwan: An Interview with Marcus Brinkman

Fire and Water (Drawing Silk) - by Marcus Brinkman

The Essence of Martial Art: An Overview - by Tim Cartmell

A Special Learning State - by Ed Hines

Fear in Martial Arts - by Ed Hines

Flow in Martial Arts - by Ed Hines

Esthetics, Martial Arts and Bagua - by Ed Hines

Lineage: Masters, Disciples, Uncles and Brothers - by Nick Cumber

Luo Dexiu 2002 - by Nick Cumber

Relaxation and Extension - by Ed Hines

Beliefs and Practice - by Ed Hines

Houtian: Entwining Hand Techniques - by Nick Cumber

Tian Gan: Heavenly Stems - by Nick Cumber


Pa Kua Chang Journal Articles featuring Luo Dexiu and Gao style Baguazhang

The Pa Kua Chang Journal was and still is the premier resource for information about the martial art of Baguazhang. Its entire 7 year run was edited, written and produced by Dan Miller. It featured information on the history, theory, practice, and personalities of Baguazhang.

To download a pdf file of the Pa Kua Chang Journal issue featuring a look at the history and people behind YiZong and Gao style in Taiwan - click here. Permission to provide this article was provided by Dan Miller.

To purchase the complete series of the Pa Kua Chang Journal on CD (the entire collection of back issues), please click here: http://www.plumflower.com/frames.htm


Features -

  • Han Fengrui

    Tianjin, China - He was a favored student of Liu Fengcai and has been practicing Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Taijiquan for over six decades. For information on Han Fengrui and his student Hanan's stories about him - click here.



2004 YiZong Bagua Men - Maryland Retreat - group picture



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