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Links to other web pages


Yi Zong sites

http://www.geocities.com/luobagua/ - Chinese language site for Luo Dexiu in Taiwan.

http://www.gravityandgrace.net/ - William Aarvo Tucker's site for his and his wife's teaching in Edmonton, Canada.

http://www.gaostylebagua.com/ - Marcus Brinkman's site. * Has Gao style related books and videos for sale! *

http://www.insidersasia.com/ - Another site for Marcus Brinkman. More IMA material for sale.

http://www.shenwu.com/ - Tim Cartmell's website.

http://www.palmchange.com/ - Site for Luo's students in England and maintained by Nick Cumber.

http://www.stillnessinmotion.com/ - Site for Bernie Langan in San Francisco, California.

http://www.lungmen.org/home.htm - Site for Buddy Tripp in Plymouth, Massachussetts.

http://www.gaostylebaguausa.com/ - Bill Metzger and Owen Schilling's website.

http://www.france-bagua.com/ - Site for Herve' Marigliano in France.

http://www.zongwumen.com - Site for George Wood's school in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area.


Other suggested sites

http://emptyflower.com/xingyiquan/index.html - Great source for information and discussion on all aspects of the Internal Martial Arts.

http://www.chinafrominside.com/ma/ - Site by Jarek Szymanski. Great site for information and articles on the Internal Arts. Also has an online store for purchasing hard to find videos directly from China.

http://www.xingyiquan.org/ - Site for Shanxi Xingyi maintained by Tadzio Goldgewicht, disciple of Song family Xingyiquan.






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