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Ba Gua Zhang


Baguazhang is popularly known as one of the three Internal Martial Arts of China. Baguazhang literally means the "Eight Trigram Palm." The name itself comes from the well-known divination manual from ancient China called the Yi Jing or Book of Changes. In real practice though, there is only a cursory connection to this famous manual, as the original name for the art is simply zhuanzhang or turning palms. It is characterized by a core practice of walking the circle.

There are misconceptions around that Baguazhang practitioners will only use their palms to hit with, or attempt to walk around their opponents in a fight. 

In truth, Baguazhang fighters will use all parts of their bodies to attack and defend with. They will move in circles, arcs and straight lines. They can vary from having an aggressive fighting strategy to having a defensive one. They may wait to respond to the opponent or they can attack first. They will train to understand the underlying principles of martial arts and they will also train to drill techniques to perfection. There are practices done moving and standing still. There are straight line drills, as well as circular forms. It can be used with and without weapons. The list can go on, but the central implication is that Baguazhang is not bound by any one sense of training. 

Just as the Yi Jing means to help us to understand the principles and changes inherent in all under heaven, so does the practice of Baguazhang teach us to understand the principles and changes inherent in combat.


Features -

Han Fengrui

Tianjin, China - He was a favored student of Liu Fengcai and has been practicing Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Taijiquan for over six decades. For information on Han Fengrui and his student Hanan's stories about him - click here.





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