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Xing Yi Quan


Xingyiquan is another of the three famous internal martial arts of China. The name literally means form and mind fist, thus emphasizing both the body's good structure and the development of the mind in fighting.

Xingyiquan is known as a direct, hard-hitting style. Although its breadth is not limited to these techniques, it excels in taking and keeping control of the centerline, quick advancing and retreating steps, and some of the most quickly learned internal martial arts techniques. Indeed, in part because its external appearance is so martial, among all the practitioners of the three internal martial arts, Xingyiquan has experienced the least amount of degradation in the fighting ability of its practitioners.


For more information on learning Baguazhang or Xingyiquan in the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area - click here to go directly to Zong Wu Men and view information online about studying with George Wood.