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Continuing stories of Han Fengrui by Hanan Magidovich

This was originally posted to the YiZong Forum in June 2004. Edited for grammar and spelling.


As for stories.....there are many of them where should I start?

Well before I start to tell about Mr. Han my teacher, I want to mention that he's very modest and that was one of the many reasons for me to like and admire him.

I remember once I was practicing at noon time in the park and a reporter came to us and wanted to interview Mr. Han about his teachings and practice. Han refused politely and told him that he's not interested in being interviewed. When I asked him why he didn't wanted to be interviewed he told me that he doesn't seek being famous and he would feel it impolite to refuse if some people came asking to practice with him after they read the article about him.

O n another occasion while I was practicing, one Chinese man came to him and started to criticize him about teaching the Chinese martial arts to a foreigner. Han looked at him and smiled. After waiting for a minute he asked the guy "do you practice martial arts?" the guy answered "no." Han asked "does your son practice Chinese martial arts?" the guy said again "no." So Han looked at him and told him: "How dare you criticize me when my foreign student has more interest in Chinese culture then you do!"

One hot Summer day I was practicing at noon time, at that time of the day it was like 37c outside. I had just started to learn the kicking line of Gao Baguazhang. When I was practicing I was losing my balance from time to time while kicking backwards. A Chinese that saw me started laughing about me and tried to make fun of me in front of Han. Han looked at him and said: "you think you can do better?" "If you do, my student will be happy to learn from you after you'll cross hands together." Needless to say, that the guy refused and left.

I wrote these stories for you guys to see into the heart of Han Fengrui and all the love he gave me.