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Introduction to Han Fengrui by Hanan Magidovich

This was originally posted to the YiZong Forum in June 2004. Edited for grammar and spelling.


Today Han is 75 years old.

He started his Martial arts training when he was around 18 years old with Xing Yi Quan in Tianjin. After 3 years of practicing he was injured by a class mate. They were practicing Beng Quan on each other ( Striking each ones shoulder) his partner missed and hit him on the ribs, Han broke 2 ribs in the place where they connected in the Solar Plexus (I think it's the name). After that injury he had to rest at home for few weeks and he stopped practicing Xing Yi. At that time someone told him about a Baguazhang teacher, about Baguazhang's circle walking practice and how it can help him get stronger. Han gave it a try.

The teacher was the honorable Liu Fengcai (a nephew to Gao Yisheng). Han spent around 20-25 years with Liu Fengcai (I don't remember how many exactly) and was his most beloved student - I heard this from other martial artists in Tianjin, not from Han himself - he's far too modest to say it himself. I just can say that I believe it, because judging from the material that I studied with him, other students of Liu Fengcai didn't know about this stuff (I was told later that Liu was the only one to study these things from Gao because he was Gao's favorite and a blood relative. Liu spent 40 Years with Gao). Han Laoshi's gong fu brothers were Wang Shusheng and Liu Shuheng (he's more a writer then a practitioner).

Han told me that during the cultural revolution they had to conduct their training secretly in the park, at either very early hours or late at night (04:00 am or 23:00 pm). During the cultural revolution Han Laoshi worked as a bus driver.

At a certain stage he was teaching Baguazhang with his gongfu brother Wang Shusheng at the Tianjin Nankai University Wu Shu Guan. At that time they had few hundreds student, most of whom don't practice today.

Han Laoshi also studied Chinese medicine but never worked as a Chinese Doctor.

I remember Han was teaching me Baguazhang for 3-4 hours every day, winter(-15 degrees) or summer( 37-40 degrees). Some days it was twice a day in the summer, once in the morning (06:00-09:00am) and once in the evening (14:00-17:00pm). Now that I think about it, it was difficult for him to stand and teach privates for such long hours, but he never complained. Every time I wanted to practice he jumped on his bike and rode a mile to meet me at the park.

I love him and admire him for his personality and dedication to me. I am lucky guy to have him as my teacher.

George I can tell you one thing I saw in common between Luo and Han- they both love what they do and they do it with passion. I may say that Luo Laoshi is a younger version of Han Laoshi. I wish I could see Han laoshi when he was young and stronger than today.